Not Again


OMG! I cannot stop wiping away the tears. My heart cries for the many Black Families who are hurting with pain from another killing of our people. I am praying for peace because it is just a matter of time before the Nat Turners arise. OMG! Please send help!

Please help me Lord to understand why do the Police or the White man feel they can just kill our children? Why is it that mothers and fathers of murder families have to keep re-living the pain of death without justice. Or is justice for those who are not Black American.

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As a mother of Black sons and grandsons,  I not only place them in your hands today Lord, I ask you to watch over your chosen people.


Please Lord send help Lord…. I am afraid for the United States of America.

Please Lord send help Now!–I am wiping tears and more tears away from my face. How long before the change or is this the beginning of America’s sorrow?