When the hurting create solutions to the opioid, K2, meth, or crack epidemic

The question to you–Why do people turn away?

No more crying or stigma–Let’s walk 4 change

The DC Walk 4 ReCovery Committee
talk about awareness, education, hope and solutions

💭💯💪Brainstorming💭💬 DC Walk 4 ReCovery Event Location: The National MallDate: May 12th 2018Time: 9am-4pmWe Walk to bring awareness, education, hope & solutions to share that neither addictions, nor mental health disorders or suicide discriminate against age, gender, student, professional, politician, military, social or ethical group. No more crying or stigma-We walk for change✌❤👊!Emails: info@DCWALK4RECOVERY.com#DCWalk4ReCovery#DCImStillStandingVisit: DC Walk 4 ReCovery Facebook Page

Posted by Boe Luther on Tuesday, March 6, 2018