Today’s Lesson


Question…Do you know the POWER of the  Bible?

How many bible scriptures do you SPEAK when you are FACED with events such as:

death, hurt, pain, addiction, cancer or other medical illness when they  happen to you?  

My Big Mama use to say to me and my family growing up


It is important for society to know and understand You are the Church, and just because a person may or may not go to church every Sunday does not mean they do not have a personal relationship with their God of understanding.

The End is Near and we are in the times of sorrow– Mathew 24 Daniel 11 Revelation 3

Read your Bible  today and get the strength and the power you NEED to fight the fiery darts of the devil.  So the lesson for the day is Put on the Whole Armor of God who I call Jesus Christ! AmenCngsp46UEAA6Wup