Influential Leaders

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I as well as my children  have had the honor to meet some of today’s greatest leaders
of our time.

I was an intern for executive office of the the National Council of Negro Women, under the leadership  of 
Dr. Dorothy I Height,  civil rights
and women’s rights activist


I had the opportunity  to meet and hear a motivational speech   by the
honorable Rebecca Ann Kleefisch the 44th
Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin

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and the honor to  have my daughter (Jasmine) become friends with
the United States Senator  Edward Kennedy with
the  Everybody Wins
reading program for 6 years and more.


John Robert Lewis
Civil Rights Leader and United States Representative
for Georgia’s 5th congressional district, serving since 1987,
and the dean of the Georgia congressional delegation.

Michael P. Botticelli
American public official who served as the Director for
President Obama National Drug Control Policy

Reverend Jesse  Jackson, Sr
American civil rights activist, Baptist minister, and politician


United States  Senator Cassidy R-LA [top]
United States  Senator Murphy D-CT [left]

and United States  Senator Alexander R-TN [right]

Sheila Jackson-Lee
United States  Representative
18th Congressional District

Dr. Patricia A. Newton [top center]
CEO & Director and Past President of the Black Psychiatrists of America Inc.

Elijah Cummings  United States  Representative,  Maryland’s
7th Congressional District
CONGRATULATIONS–Dr. Altha J. Stewart [right]
the 1st African American in history to become
the President American Psychiatric Association

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser

Former Washington, DC Mayor Anthony Williams
and Charles Philip “Chuck” Rosenberg  former acting head of the
Drug Enforcement Administration

Donnie Simpson

Detroit & DC Radio Personality for over 40 years,
the host of BET’s Video Soul and TV One’s Donnie After Dark

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Dr. Oz, cardiothoracic surgeon, author and TV personality

 Bobby Gailes,
WHUR 96.3 and on Sirius/XM Channel 141
producer of the syndicated
Steve Harvey Morning Show

  Actress Marriete Hartley
Mental Health of America, Vice President, Debbie Plotnick

Dr Roger A. Mitchell Jr.
District of Columbia Chief Medical Examiner

 Singer Ayanna Gregory
{daughter} of Dick Gregory, Comedian and Civil Rights Activist

Patrick J. Kennedy
American politician and mental health advocate
{ son} of Senator Edward Kennedy


 Author Shabazz, Ilyasah/ Ford, Ag
{daughter} of Malcolm X   African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist

picture-325 (2)Kevin  Durant
NBA Basketball  Star 


 Horace Grant
NBA Basketball Star

Book Fair 014

Taylor Branch
Author  and Pulitzer Prize-winner

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Author of erotic fiction novels


Denise Rolark Barnes
Publisher of the Washington, Informer

 United States Senator, Debbie Stabernow
and  CEO Linda Rosenberg National Council for Behavioral Health


Dr. Willie Jolley,
Author, speaker and singer

U.S. Congressman Marsha Blackburn of 7TH District of  Tennessee 

William Lightfoot,
 Past-at-large Washington, DC City Councilmember
and experienced Esquire Attorney

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Paul Strauss
Washington, DC Shadow Senator 



John C. Morgan,
comedian and  Number 1 George W. Bush look-a-like 



 Triscina Grey
Radio Host Café 96 WHUR Washington, DC 

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As well as meeting the  Washington, DC–
Mayor  for life Marion Barry


chris gordon

 Anchor Chris Gordon
Washington, DC NBC4 News

 Derek McGinty
news anchor and television journalist

  I have seen both worlds of  the good, the bad, the  successful, the despair and those in leadership positions,   What I have learned… when it gets down to the survival of the fittest, be rich, or poor We all bleed the same.  

Be careful who you judge:  for just like David in the Bible,
God can use those  that no one  expected.

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