The solution and answers by Dr. Umar Johnson




Dear Mr. President, TELL ME it is not true,  that you do not care about  Black Lives Matter.

Really, Mr. President,  what have you done to improve the quality of life for the Black People since you have been in office as  President? Has our quality of life improved  concerning the Birth of A Nation for the issues of  Black people who BELIEVED   in you  and who voted you in office with the promise you made saying  Yes, We Can?

PLEASE! Mr.President, tell me as a mother and grandmother, that you are going to do something,  NOW,  that we have a witness who has been shot by the police with his hands in the air and on the ground YET, he was shot anyway. Mr. President, is there an issues or agenda to kill the Black People off the face of the American earth?


 Here is a POWERFUL interview  by Dr. Umar Johnson, & The Breakfast Club 105.1  July 18, 2016

JUST 3 days before the Florida Cop shooting

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