You are never alone


I just wanted to take time out to thank a very special person in my life. His name is Jesus Christ. He has shown favor over my life as a child, an adult and a fool of heart that I used to be.

THANK YOU! Lord for always being there for me and never leaving me alone.

THANK YOU! for the opportunity to share your message of LOVE to a dying world, that no matter what you are going through God has you.

THANK YOU! for the people you have placed in my life as I am beginning my  new adventure to my purpose!

THANK YOU! for those who wish to support the Author M/R Johnson at the Washington, DC NBC4 Health  and Fitness Expo that are not able to attend. (DON’T WORRY more  book events are in the making)

Most Importantly THANK YOU Jesus Christ! For you are my GREATEST AUDIENCE!




Author M/R Johnson