We Walk by Faith and not by Sight

Do you believe the time for change regarding the opioid crisis, addictions, mental health disorders and suicide must change?

Support the DC Walk 4 ReCovery–for the lights of hope have arrived.

Your support with this fundraiser can change someone’s perspective of hope for recovery. Your customized  DC Walk 4 ReCovery Yard Sign will be located on the National Mall that  will surround the Transformation Stigma Free Vendor site on the 4 corners of 14th, 15th Jefferson and Madison street in Washington, DC–right across the street from the Washington Monument.

Select from the 2  designs and choose the yard signs that represent your organization or business. Share your website and or email address.

Not only will  DC Walk 4 ReCovery customized signs will  be seen from those participating with the walk; but by those who are visiting the National Mall as well.

Thank you for your support!


 DC Walk 4 ReCovery American Flag

 DC Walk 4 ReCovery Celebration Balloons

 If you do not wish to get a personalized yard sign you are welcome to show your support with monetary donations.

 Help make this walk a success–No more crying, it is time for change!
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