Saying Good-Bye to a Pioneer of Gospel Music Rev. Lady Esther Ford




Rev. Lady” Esther Ford was born December 30,1930 her musical career began at the early age of five. She was billed as the “Child Wonder Gospel Singer”

She sang with The Famous Ward Singers,  The Stars of Faith and many other renown singers. While singer with The “Stars of Faith” the group performed at the Vatican for Pope Paul IV, who was moved by Lady Esther’s rendition of “Come Ye Disconsolate”.

In 1964, she formed a new group, “The Exodus Singers” which the first integrated female gospel groups to record an album in the United States on the Savoy Records. Her first solo album, “Profiles of a Great Lady,” was on the Nashboro Label.

Rev. Lady  Esther Ford departed home at the age of 85 singing I am packing up and getting ready to go. She was truly a child of the King Jesus Christ for she sang songs to continue to give glory to the Kingdom of Heaven.

 Thank you Rev. Lady Esther Ford for your music and keeping the vintage and truth of gospel music alive