Rhonda L. Johnson speaks to the D.C. Council Public Oversight Hearing

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The certified peer specialist workforce is relatively new in the behavioral health field,  with certification programs emerging in 2001. Even in this short time frame, states have recognized the potential of peer specialists to improve consumer outcomes by promoting recovery. States without programs may look to those that are well-established for advice and guidance in development, while established programs may benefit from gaining an understanding of the similarities and differences between existing programs. As of September 2012, 36 states had established programs that train and certify individuals with lived experience who have initiated their recovery journey and are willing to assist others who are in earlier stages of the recovery process.

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Let no man despise thy youth: But be an example in word, in speech, in love, in spirit,  in purity to the believers

1 Timothy 4 verse 12

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Health Performance Oversight Hearing

Wednesday, March 5, 2014  10:00 am Room 412
  • Department of Behavioral Health
  • Not-for-Profit-Hospital Corporation