Panic Attack on Live Television~You are not ALONE

No one is is exempt from behavioral health disorders. Good Morning America’s Dan Harris, shares his personal journey  from his panic attacks on National TV in 2014.

Did you know… that behavioral health disorders of two or more regarding mental health, addictions and suicide are known as co-occurring disorders?

For many people today; they are not aware that panic attacks and anxiety are apart of the co-occurring family. For this reason most people affected with anxiety are known to use drugs and alcohol to deal with their disorder.

Neither addictions, nor mental health disorders
 or suicide discriminate against  
age, gender, ethical or social groups.

I believe–enough is enough!
It is time to educate and advocate
regarding co-occurring disorders and integrative care
and treatment together.
For–I am a survivor who believes recovery is possible.

#DC Walk 4 ReCovery

Watch this video with  ABC anchor Dan Harris’ on air panic attack and his lesson for you.