Everyone Has A Story

Everyone has a story, yet far to many people are ashamed of theirs; NEVER realizing that their story just might help someone who maybe going through life and maybe looking for answers.

This video express that no matter what a person has done or has been through there is hope, NEVER GIVE UP!


Ms Mechelle Bailey-Moore

Very Insightful and beautifully made 🙂

Beverly BlackJohnson

Praise God for His saving mercy. I’m a crack survivor. Coming September 22, 2016 “A Wretch Like Me: From Crack Addict to Change-Agent.” https://twitter.com/gumboforthesoul

Romona Foster

Rhonda, I am so very proud of you. This is AMAZING! You brought tears to my eyes. I will be sharing this on all of my social networks.

William Kellibrew

Keep up the powerful work Rhonda and thank you for keeping up to date on the life-changing work you are doing. I wish you continued success in building awareness and being a leader.

Patricia Alamia

I was truly amazed of your video because it reminds me about my personl santification and acceptance of who I am truly now at this moment of time. I now can prioritize which non-profit organization I still need to accept in the year of 2015. The new year has a multitude of possibilities which I still need to observe more than as a servant. Peace, Joy & Charity! Patricia 🙂

Keith Daye

Dear Ms. Ronda: Your story is very inspirational. I currently live in Baltimore, Md. and have struggled with a 25 year chemical addiction. I have now dedicated my life to helping others. I teach spiritual recovery-meaning that you need something stronger than your self to beat your addiction. I’m NOT clean-I’m delivered. Being clean deals with the external self; but deliverance deals with the internal self. I agree with you that drugs were not my problem. It was what I used to cover up my real problem. It was when I uncovered; and discovered; that I recovered. I am a living witness that God doesn’t change life; He changes how I live and how I live is my response to life.