Mary/Pumpkin’s Excerpt

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 What must a caterpillar endure to become a butterfly? 

The caterpillar’s destiny is to survive for the renewing, preparation, and transformation through the metamorphosis stages by reaching the safety of the cocoon. The purpose of the process is to receive a reward for the struggle by becoming the beautiful new butterfly creature God intended it to be.

Hello, my name is Mary/Pumpkin; I am one person who has two different personalities and who suffers with a dual diagnosis (co-occurring disorders) of depression and addiction. I happen to be suicidal, yet that is not my story.

I am a survivor who lives every day with hope. No, life is not always easy and every day is a challenge, but I have learned to become an advocate for change. Society misuses and misunderstands the word addict and needs to understand that everyone has some form of addiction. Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction Chapter 1


 Let’s Talk…Is Abuse a form of Addiction?