LET’S TALK…Treatment for Children and Parents Together

14691186_587493951431556_6911763464317097823_o A substance abuse problem does not only affect the individual abusing drugs or alcohol; it affects every layer of the person’s life, including relationships, family, and children. For that reason, treating clients with children requires a distinct approach. Clients’ sons and daughters need to be involved in the therapeutic and rebuilding processes. To that effect, drug rehab centers for those with children often employ creative and comprehensive methods to make recovery a bonding and healing experience for a family that has been rocked by addiction. According to the American Addiction Center

With the holidays  approaching there are many parents and children that will cry silently, not only to addiction, but to depression and suicidal thoughts. The time has arrived for new creative treatment for those with behavioral health disorders.

Truth to power–there are many challenges  that America and other Countries are facing concerning behavioral health disorders. Let’s look toward cities,  towns, states and other countries that are making progress in the war against drugs and behavioral health co-occurring disorders. Our children are depending on us for help, hope and solutions.

One more question to ponder… would you like to gain a better understanding concerning  WELLNESS, RECOVERY, HARM REDUCTION,  RESILIENCY with  SOLUTIONS? 

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