Guest Speaker DC DBH Co-Occurring Disorder Graduation



According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the National Alliance on Mental Illness

There are approximately 8.9 million American adults who have co-occurring disorders

7.4% of individuals receive treatment for both disorders while 55.8% receive no treatment at all.

Now are you aware Out of 450,000 American incarcerated 72% have co-occurring disorders.

There is an estimated 600,000 people that are homeless approximately half have co-occurring disorders.

With a disturbing 43% of the youth receiving mental health services in America, many have co-occurring disorders—

The monetary cost of mental illness and addiction will be more than cancer, diabetes and respiratory ailment put together making Co-Occurring Disorders a silent epidemic.

It is time to provide answers  concerning Stage Wise Treatment to the  Behavioral Health System of Washington DC, while embracing.. 

Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Fresh Start Program to make sure those who seek help can find PEER EVIDENCE BASED… PERSON CENTER TREATMENT PROGRAMS for Co-Occurring Disorders for all ages, races and creeds of people in all Eight Wards of this great city to put this silent homeless, incarcerated, youth and adult epidemic under control.