The Declaration


We walk 4 ReCovery  in awareness that over 8.9 million persons have co-occurring disorders;  and only 7.4% of individuals receive treatment for both conditions while 55.8% receiving no treatment at all. 

We walk 4 ReCovery  to educate society the co-existing fundamentals of {COD}
Co-Occurring Disorders;  the affects and effects in relevance to any and all  addictions, mental health disorders, and suicidal ideations together.

  We walk 4 ReCovery seeking new innovative ways  for solutions to those who are bullied, and  for those who struggle and suffer in silence.

We walk 4 ReCovery  to encourage our  Youth, and we walk 4 our Young Adults, Seniors Citizens, LGBTQ, Veterans, the Homeless and our Returning Citizens that  there is HOPE; Don’t Give Up!

We walk 4 ReCovery for the memory of those who have died  and we walk 4 those lost  from the opioids, crack, meth, and K2 epidemics– so we walk 4 those who want change.

We walk 4 ReCovery with courage to move mountains that through faith in a living God, recovery is possible for [ALL] forms of addiction, mental health disorders those who are bullied and those who live with suicidal ideations.

We walk 4 ReCovery to remove the stigma and the shame  creating a national co-occurring disorders integrative care and treatment  vision board entitled:  What ReCovery looks like to me  and  present it as {solutions} to the  members of Congress.

We walk 4 ReCovery  on the National Mall with dance and with laughter and or tears.  because enough is enough! So we walk  to the event  theme song– I’m Still Standing  as a unified Electric Slide Line Dance in collaboration to  seeking change and transformation in the behavioral health system.  DC Walk 4 ReCovery– a walk for awareness, education, hope and solutions to share a national message to a country and the world…Never give up! there is help, hope and treatment out there. But most importantly we walk 4 ReCovery to let others know you are not alone! -Author M.R Johnson © 2018