DC Walk 4 ReCovery–I’m Still Standing 2018 Electric Slide Line Dance Challenge

There is power when two or more come together to produce change or laughter and or come together with joy.  Music and dancing can cure the saddest person. So I am introducing DC I’m Still Standing 2018 Electric Slide Line Dance Challenge. I challenge you to the  Line Dance utilizing  the music I’m Still Standing; to bring hope to those who need to know they are not alone, Never Give Up! Recovery is Possible!

 Now before we discuss the rules– take a listen and then read the rules.

THE  RULES: The Original Electric Slide

  1. You can ONLY USE THIS SONG–I’m Still Standing by either Elton John or Taron Egerton.

  2. You can only dance to the ORIGINAL ELECTRIC SLIDE LINE DANCE.

  3. You must create a poster or something that reads—DC I’m Still Standing~I Believe.

  4. You can include your name, or company or business, sorority vs fraternity, or usher board, party, singer best friends, the President Donald Trump etc., to let the world know enough is enough! I Believe in ReCovery.

  5. You must have 3 or more persons.

  6. You must use the hashtag  #DCImStillStanding when posting so others can see your creative 2018 moves to this original line dance.

  7. You are encouraged to utilizes  Instagram,  Facebook live, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn,Videos or other Social Media Platforms to bring attention to the cause.

  8. I also challenge you to challenge your friends, family, coworkers, sorority sister and or frat brothers, church members, the President Donald Trump to show your best moves and or your sexy moves to encourage those lost to addiction or depression, anxiety PTSD and or suicide the message ——–There is Hope, Never Give Up!

For those who may have forgot the move–Here is a video to remind you.

I challenge you– to the  DC I’m Still Standing Original Electric Slide Line Dance duo to bring hope to co-occurring disorders and integrative care and treatment.

Don’t be Scared– I know Washington, DC is the BEST! We created the dance.