CLASS SPEAKER: Co-Occurring Disorder Clinical Competency Graduating Class

Nelson Mandela once quoted “One cannot be prepared for something while secretly believing it will not happen.   Well the secret is out, The Department of Behavioral Health Co-Occurring Disorders Clinical Competence class of 2014 graduates have made  a mark  in history, for we are  the first class to graduate since the merger of  {APRA}  Addiction Prevention Recovery Administration  and Mental Health.

photo 1Rhonda L. Johnson Class Speaker

We the class of 2014 CO-OCCURRING CLINICAL COMPETENCE have been educated well beyond excuses for not making a change to help those that have lost HOPE. Society misuses and misunderstands the issues concerning co-occurring disorders.  It is time to replace the stigma and shame in the communities of addiction and mental health that keeps them in slavery.  The class of 2014 has been educated to move forward with Stage Wise Treatment,  Integrative Care, Business Ethics, the Paradigm Shift and  the Holistic  Approach to a new level.