Are you a Changemaker, Warrior or a Quitter?

 The saying goes quitters not quit and cheaters never win?
Or something like that.

The meaning of a someone who quits  is a person who quits or gives up easily, especially in the face of some difficulty or danger. According to Dictionary .com

However, when you  have the mindset to change the world such as Steve Jobs of Apple has done;
your mindset must have envisions of a  warrior, to will make a difference in history not for money or fame.

Here is a POWERFUL video to increase your knowledge  and possibly enlighten you as to the question–are you a changemaker, or a quitter or a warrior?

One Response to “Are you a Changemaker, Warrior or a Quitter?

  • I live my life with other individuals on various stages of their journey. Some have more resistance. Some have a hard road. But to say either “warrior” or “quitter” is a bit punitive, I think. I get where you’re headed, but patience, please with so many others.

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