Change & 2016

As a young author I must keeping blogging, promoting and marketing my book at ALL times. There are times I feel like I am out in the world alone without no support. BUT GOD! always has a way to comfort me and let me know to KEEP GOING. For the work I have to do will not be easy. Then crying through my fears, I receive this message today December 30, 2015, from a Founder Patricia Avant, at African American Self Published Authors United. She mentioned a blog I had posted 21 Measures of SUCCESS and said this about my blog post…

This would make a GREAT poster. Great reminders.There are days when I have felt like whats the point and something you have posted pulls me UP. Thank you for sharing this..
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This is why I continue to strive, what man lacks God Provides.

21 Measures of SUCCESS

THANK YOU ALL that have encouraged and purchased my book
Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction