Dual Personality vs Alter Ego vs the Mental Health State of Mind

  Introducing Mary/Pumpkin Who is Mary/Pumpkin…she is one person with two different personalities.  The amazing part to this story,  neither...

My 30 seconds minutes of fame.

Look who I am in company with on Twitter. My 30 seconds minute of fame   Number two behind Stephen...

Recidvism, Addiction, Suicide and Mental Health Disorders

Can you handle the truth? Watch Author M/R Johnson as she shares hope on The Philippe “SHOCK” Matthew Show  

Guest Speaker Our Door Community Wellness Center Dedication

Author M/R Johnson, Guest Speaker Learn more at the Washington Informer

Panic Attack on Live Television~You are not ALONE

No one is is exempt from behavioral health disorders. Good Morning America’s Dan Harris, shares his personal journey  from his...



Excuse me you said…BE WHAT?


 “I think  that I am a walking testimony you can have scars,” “You can go through turbulent times and still...

Still I Rise

  Thank you   Maya Angelou  

Young Barack Obama’s book reading


Change & 2016

As a young author I must keeping blogging, promoting and marketing my book at ALL times. There are times I...

There is always HOPE

  Repeat after me…My current situation is not my final destination. There is always HOPE…Jesus Christ Saves Memoirs Of An...


“I destroy homes, tear families… apart – take your children, and that’s just the start. I’m more costly than diamonds,...


Always remember the beginning is never the end!

Oh No! Charlie Sheen

Sex, Masturbation, Pornography, HIV/AIDS & Stories of the Dungeon  These are just a few characteristics of un-addressed addictions many people...


Washington, D.C.

The year was 1980 It was the decade of President Ronald Reagan and the Mayor for life Marion Barry.  John...


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