M.R Johnson

Meet  Rhonda M/R Johnson

Born and raised in the Nation’s Capital Washington, DC, she is a entrepreneur,  advocate, certified peer specialist, speaker,  and the author of the combined book and workbook Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction, and the  [E.S.E] Education, Support and Empowerment curriculum, that address the stigma and shame of co-occurring disorders of addiction, mental health, dual personalities,  and suicidal ideation that are affecting our youth, LGBT,  returning citizens, veterans, senior citizens and others, that are crying in silence looking for solutions of hope, without being judge because of their behavioral health disorders.

Motivated by her pain and triumphs living life with co-occurring disorders from suicide, depression and addictions, Author M/R Johnson, offers insight of hope and survival from 3 dynamic perspectives with reference to her  lived, education and work experiences.  

Validation in  reference of  Rhonda’s co-occurring  disorders education and her continued education include the:  

  • Washington, DC, Department of Behavioral Health [DBH] Training Institute for Co-Occurring Disorders Competence Course

  • [DBH]–Office of Consumer and Family Affairs, Certified Peer Specialists Certification Program

  • [OSSE] Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Introduction to Secondary Transition for Middle Schools

  • [SAMHSA] Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Trauma-Informed Peer Support

  • The Washington School of Psychiatry, Forensic Evaluation and Writing Beyond the Basic for all Clinicians

    The National Council of Behavioral Health, Mental Health First-Aid USA Certification

  •  [NASW] National Association of Social Workers Ethics: Contemporary Issues and Challenges-Continue Education

  • Doors to Wellbeing, Community Inclusion Peer Specialist Training

Rhonda, affirms it is time to educate and advocate for change  in wellness, recovery, harm reduction and resiliency. As a result of her fortitude and perseverance both her [E.S.E] curriculum and her book Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction, have been exercised by:

  • The Washington, DC, Department of Behavioral Health, OCFA Administration for continued education

  • The Solutions for Wellness Conference (DC) for a HIV/AIDS workshop

  • The Washington, DC Catholic Charities, Anchor Behavioral Health addiction training course as required reading

  • Barnes & Noble’s Catholic University, NBC News 4  First Healthy Book Festival 2016 



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