Addiction The Truth Writing Group is a  writing camaraderie group. Camaraderie-is the spirit of friendship and community in a group, like soldiers at war who keep each other upbeat despite the difficulty of their circumstances.

Addiction The Truth {A.T.T.} is a new writing group with a mission, purpose and goal to be true to thyself through the writing of poems, inspirational expressions, personal testimonies, quotes and the ability to engage or start therapeutic discussion of interest by  demonstrating  leadership and unite in knowledge.

{A.T.T.} is an open writing group. Rules of the group are simple have respect, respect respect for all members. Inappropriate language, harassing or illegal activities that are flagged, the member will without any warning BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP.

{A.T.T.} members can invite others who may have a desire for knowledge or just want a word of support by being an advocate for change through education. {A.T.T.} manager believes at the end of the day group members can enlighten, teach and provide hope far beyond the challenges of addiction and give the understanding that Recovery Is POSSIBLE no matter what form of addiction.

Advertising promotional materials, forth-coming events, social engagements internet blogs, recovery /addiction programs and business endeavors are welcome and permitted.

Addiction The Truth {A.T.T.} Writing Group is looking for members who are committed to the truth. So Stop by and share a little love, hope or knowledge. We will leave a post open for you

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