a PICTURE has a thousands words !


 When you look at this picture of Miles Davis {The Prince of Darkness}

 What do you think he is saying?

Let’s Talk…Do you think his early exposure  to nightclubs  introduced him to a  life of addiction?

In  1950 Davis had a heroin addiction and like  many when  crack cocaine enter into the universe he was  once again drawn into drug abuse, becoming addicted to alcohol and cocaine, and subsequently taking a five-year hiatus from his career. In 1979, he met Cicely Tyson, an American actress, who helped him overcome his cocaine addiction. He and Tyson married in 1981 but divorced in 1988. 

 The power of LOVE can conquer All and any addiction.  When we as a society understand the meaning of what a picture is saying Maybe then more people  will  reach out and get help to overcome the grips called addiction.