Let’s Talk…Hope and Survival

   Living in a sin sick world, society misuses and misunderstands that addiction is more than illegal drugs and alcohol. Addictions come in many forms and patterns such as gambling, … Continue Reading →


D.C. Health Advocates Address Drug Addiction at Expo

QUESTION…Do you ever do a google search on yourself? Well I  often do as I like to see how I am growing as an author of the combined book and … Continue Reading →


Real Talk…Going through depression and despair with Terry E. Lyle

Can you handle the truth? Depression is real. Listen to the conversation with  Rhonda L. Johnson   Share an evening with me and my guest R. L. Johnson a strong … Continue Reading →


U.S. Senate Summit on Mental Health

 Panel Guests; U. S. Senator Chris Murphy, Benjamin F. Miller, PsyD, Director Enguene S. Farley, Jr. Health Policy Center, University of Colorado School of Medicine PLEASE NOTE: To hear my … Continue Reading →

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What! Is really going on?

2 MEN KILLED IN SUSPECTED MURDER-SUICIDE AT UCLA; CAMPUS SAFE murder-suicide on UCLA campus Mayor Eric Garcetti offered his sympathy to all affected by the incident. “My thoughts and prayers … Continue Reading →

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Death and the Politicians

I was raised to  be-careful how you treat or talk about someone…you never know their story. See, everyone has a story.For those who have challenges of any addiction or mental … Continue Reading →

There is HOPE

Everyone has a story

Be careful who you judge, Do not neglect to show kindness to a stranger; for some, without knowing it, have had angels as their guests; who may have come through trails and … Continue Reading →


Celebrating Books and Authors on Capitol Hill

The Literary Hill Book Fest is a unique event on Capitol Hill in the North Hall of Eastern Market. This is a family and friends event that will feature many  local authors. … Continue Reading →


The Power of His Words

That’s It and That’s All


First Stop Recovery and Wellness Center Grand Opening Guest Speaker Rhonda M/R Johnson

I once read a flyer that said…Your purpose is not what you do to bring home a paycheck. Your purpose is what you were put on this earth to do … Continue Reading →


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