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Singer Marvin Gaye~Talks about DEPRESSION, rare video

Everyone has a story, the question to ponder–is anyone listening, or better yet does anyone care. Watch this powerful rare...

Mary/Pumpkin– Recovery. Advocate. HOPE.

Introducing  Mary/Pumpkin, the American Recovery Girl  prototype from the combine book and workbook Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction....

The Strong, Silent Type–Men and Depression

Question… Does it make you weak, if you are a man who suffers with depression? Or does it make you...

Opioid: America’s worst drug crisis ever

America is in the middle of its deadliest drug crisis ever.  Drug overdoses now kill more Americans than HIV/AIDS did...

Cannabis Medicinal Purpose

Today many people deal with depression in different ways. Some take traditional medication and others believe cannabis is the miracle...

Males Eating Disorders

Did you know that… Males often begin an eating disorder at older ages than females do, and they more often...

Are you a Changemaker, Warrior or a Quitter?

 The saying goes quitters not quit and cheaters never win? Or something like that. The meaning of a someone who...

What is the meaning of HOPE?

What is the meaning of HOPE?  Instead of wishing or hoping for something to happen, a person of faith  knows...